The Poetry of K.M. Kaung
I'm so happy to be able to share my poetry and samples of my upcoming books with you. 

I hope you enjoy reading these offerings as much as I did creating them.

K.M. Kaung is an accomplished, award-winning poet who has published two poetry chapbooks, read poetry extensively internationally, and been anthologized in Norton: Language for a New Century  and in Amnesty International with the New Internationalist's publication, Fire in the Soul.  

She won the William Carlos Williams Award of the Academy of American Poets in 1993 through the University of Pennsylvania's English Department. Dannie Abse was the judge.

In 1995, her book length poem and allegorical novel Shee Monkey Goes West, was a Pew finalist script in the Pennsylvania Tri-State area.  

Venues where Ms. Kaung has read poetry include: Borders Books Stores, Philadelphia and Marple New Jersey; White Dog Cafe, Philadelphia; Rattapallax in New York City; Ubud, Bali; Chiangmai, Thailand; Helsinki, Finland; Kefa Cafe, Maryland; Survivors of Torture, Lafayette Square, D.C.; D.C. Poets Against the War; American University, D.C.; Conference on International Affairs, Boulder, CO; the University of Toronto; the University of Alberta; Ann Arbor, Michigan; the Free Burma Coalition, as well as many other locations.

Between 1997-2001, Ms. Kaung hosted and produced a dissident poetry program which was broadcast to Burma from Washington, D.C. as "Poems of Those who Love their Country" and later "Garland of Poems."  

In this program, she presented international poetry in Burmese translation, and poems from Burmese dissident poets; writing, casting, mixing and producing the programs on her own. Poets she has translated into Burmese include Gunter Grass, Pablo Neruda and Faiz Ahmad Faiz. She has translated several Burmese poets, including Tin Moe, into English.

Kaung is profiled in the online Museum of American Poetics, Asia Pacific American Verse Beings.

Her two poetry chapbooks are:

  • Pelted with Petals: The Burmese Poems—Intertext, Anchorage, AK 1996.               ISBN 0-912767-15-4
  • Tibetan Tanka—Intertext, Anchorage, AK 1996. ISBN 0-912767-14-6

Reviews of Pelted With Petals:
Princess of Yawngwe, Burma, Sao Ying Sita says: K.M. Kaung's Pelted with Petals is beautiful and terrifying. A must read for its haunting, intense emotion.

Edith Mirante, author of The Burmese Looking Glass, writes: K.M. Kaung tears open the tormented "paradise" of Burma with the strong, atmospheric poetry of Pelted with Petals. She deftly turns the delicate imagery of Southeast Asia back on itself, revealing the violent resistance of a wild orchid or forest fungi resembling the creeping fear of the oppressed. K.M. Kaung is an important, defiant poet, the kind despots find most dangerous.

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Selected Writings For Your Enjoyment
The poetry of K.M. Kaung
Poetry is the fire burning in a person’s soul. This fire burns, warms and brings light . . . There are some people who feel the heat, others who feel the warmth, others who just see the light, and others who do not even see the light . . . But the true poet cannot help burning painfully, and burning others. That’s what it is all about.
Leo Tolstoy
 Diary entry 28 Oct. 1870
As quoted in Tolstoy: A Russian Life by Rosamund Bartlett
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Pajau Bones 
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Not Every Needy Poor a Thief, Nor Every Hag a Witch!
(Published January, 1957: The Guardian magazine, Vol. 4 No.1)

(Play Excerpt, Winner of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Award)

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