Black Rice - K.M. Kaung
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Black Rice
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Black Rice - K.M. Kaung
Shee Monkey Goes West by K.M. Kaung
 The Rider of Crocodiles by K.M. Kaung
Black Rice is a man with very dark skin—in Burma's Irrawaddy Delta, in 1947 at the start of the world's longest running civil war. 

What happens when he and his best friend, a Shan, are caught by rebels from another ethnic group? 

At a time now when ethnic identity and skin color can decide in Burma what your life will be like, this riveting tale of growing up Burmese is the ultimate coming of age story—a must read.
Wolf: A Novel of Love & Betrayal
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Mothi Awegoke, a student leader in the 1988 countrywide demonstrations in Burma, is running away from the junta's military intelligence agents. Follow him on the jungle trail as friends and lovers appear to help him, or place death sentences upon him.

In this widely praised debut novel, poet and artist K.M. Kaung grips you by the collar of your shirt, and takes you along on one of the most fraught journeys of modern times, to ultimate freedom.
Shee Monkey Goes West
Coming Soon to Paperback & eBook
In this book length poem—an allegorical representation of the Burmese democracy struggle, very loosely based on the Chinese folk novel Monkey, poet and artist K.M. Kaung takes you on a lyrical trip with engaging companions such as Tripitaka, Pigsy and the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin.  

As Burma talks reform and change, this magical script, which was a Pew Fellowship Finalist, will remind you again where the ultimate responsibility lies.
The Rider of Crocodiles
Coming Soon to Paperback & eBook
K.M. Kaung, a political economist with an Ivy League degree, was traveling in Thailand in 2002, when a former colleague told her that his ancestor had not been killed when the Burmese invaded Ayuthia in 1767. From this single factoid, Ms. Kaung reconstructs a humble villager's journey, Saman's, from serving in the Ayuthia Court to the life of a prisoner of war in Burma. In a small village near Ava, Saman's descendants and those of the Siamese Fig Flower King still live, still awaiting your visit.
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Wolf - K.M. Kaung