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K.M. Kaung hails from a long line of storytellers
I come from a long line of storytellers who loved to sit at the dining table, even between meals, and tell stories. 

We talked about what had just happened and tried to make sense of the world. My father's mother, May May Gyi, was thirteen and swimming in the Irrawaddy River near Myingyan or Horse's Corral in Central Burma, when she saw the parr taw muu or Royal Being Taken Away.

The last king of Burma, Thibaw, was taken to Ratnagiri in India on a British steamboat. This so affected May May Gyi, that when she had a son she named him U Kaung, after the penultimate king's first minister to the West.

I have always been writing since my first five sentences that were highly praised and my first five poems, which won awards.
I am so happy for this chance to entertain you with my stories—The Aging LionThe Rider of CrocodilesThe Ballet DancerThe Striptease ArtistThe Rebel LeaderThe Man with Skin Too DarkThe Woman Who Washes Her Hands Too OftenThe Anorexic With 40 Cats, and The Woman Given 53 Red Roses On Her Birthday.

Thank you for buying, reading and most of all enjoying my books.

K.M. Kaung
K.M. Kaung enjoys the day with her siblings
A portrait of K.M. Kaung
A speaking engagement in Washington, D.C.
K.M. outside the capitol building in Washington, D.C.
K.M. at a geranium stand in Helsinki
K.M. surrounded by one of her favorite things—flowers
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Up Close And Personal
Color: Red

Food: Pickled Tea Salad

Wole Soyinka—Death and the King's Horseman
Robert Bolt—A Man for All Seasons
T.S. Eliot—Murder in the Cathedral

The Parrots of Telegraph Hill

The Dog Fighter
Beasts of No Nation
The Wizard of the Crow

The Last Moghul
City of Dijins
White Moguls

Flower: I love them all

Favorite Series About a Power Struggle: 
Game of Thrones 
by George R.R. Martin

Favorite Evil Character: Iago

Favorite Gutsy Gal: Arya Stark

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